Facilities Management

Know your capacity to forecast a brighter tomorrow

Power, Asset and floor space data

Collect the data needed to understand your facility


Manage your facility with ease

Power and Environmental

Monitor and trend live power usage at various levels of your power chain including power distribution units (PDU) and distribution panels with branch circuit monitoring (BCM). Monitor and trend environmental information as well such as temperature and humidity. Display alerts or send alarms based on threshold set values.

Energy Management

Trace power from the commercial source to its termination. See values and label information. Know what you have online to plan for future expansion. Create "what if" scenarios with FME Failover simulator. Make mission critical decisions with information populated by our FME application.

Power and Critical Infrastructure Auditing

Our team can extract the data you need for a detailed breakdown of your power and facility support systems including UPS, DC Power, AC Power, Generators, HVAC and fire systems. The analysis gives you the latest load versus capacity reporting of all systems, and offers recommendations to plan and manage future growth efficiently.


As Built Drawings

As Built Drawings and designs which are in motion at the early stages of a project can change due to many challenges faced during the Implementation phase. Therefor it is critical to assimilate these changes into a final drawing in order to ensure maintainability & renovation of the facility in years to come. Without As Built drawings reflecting actual changes on site, renovation & maintenance of the facility will be at risk of unnecessary updates or can cause costly confusion later on.

CrestPoint Solutions understands the need for design revisions and has the talented team to manage documentation change As Built drawings per required standards.


Site Vue

Site Vue is a centralized repository for site floor plan drawings and revisions. Mark up drawings and collaborate online. This module in the FME application makes it easy for organizations and businesses to be on the same page, saving time and costly updates.