Space Planning & Management

Global view of utilization and capacity of all facilities. Manage Sold and Used Floor Space and Cabinets.Manage used, reserved and available rack space, floor space, rooms & cages in order to optimize resources and increase performance.

Managed Services

Customized catalog of Managed Services and Equipment. Manage Server Additions, Removals and Relocations in Real Time.

Network Asset & Connectivity Management

Real time Monitoring of Customer Equipment and Services. Visibility into all Network Assets down to the Rack Unit (RU).

Create and Trace circuit paths linking network equipment.

Power Capacity Management

Real-time Load and Capacity of all Power systems. Visibility into entire Power chain from Utility to Outlets. Capacity planning and event investigation using trending data.

Energy Management

Manage Critical Facility Infrastructure: Generators, HVAC and Fire. Manage Sold and Used Power. Simulate “what-if” scenarios by adding virtual demand. Alerts or send Alarms based on threshold set values.

Maintenance & Reports

Plan preventative maintenance and track end-of-life of assets to maximize expectancy with proactive problem identification and isolation.

Streamline Change Management using Customized Workflow. Manage Budget, Cost and Completions of projects. Ability to generates custom metrics to track activity needed to establish network infrastructure growth plan and manage capacity.