Facilities Management Software

Asset Management

Utilize an interactive pictorial representation of what each equipment cabinet looks like as it appears on site. It captures properties such as part numbers, vendor, dimensions, weight, asset tag, vertical mounting space availability and occupancy, and heat and drain of the cabinet and equipment panel.

Power and Environmental

Monitor and trend live power usage at various levels of your power chain including power distribution units (PDU) and distribution panels with branch circuit monitoring (BCM). Monitor and trend environmental information as well such as temperature and humidity. Display alerts or send alarms based on threshold set values.

Business Analytics

Advanced analysis and reporting of critical facilities operations. Capture and trend numerous data points, generate custom reports, communicate key metrics, and evaluate the results of your changes.

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule and manage maintenance inspections and provide inventory records with historical data and present equipment conditions so engineers can proactively and accurately forecast equipment requirements, identify equipment failures and put in place cost-effective measures through data trending and analysis.