(CAMS) CrestPoint Asset Management System

Asset inventory is the way an organization lists and provides details of the assets it owns. This can cover a range of different types of assets, from tangible fixed assets such as property and equipment, intangible assets such as intellectual property. 

Dealing with the asset inventory of an organization is often time-consuming and labor intensive. Yet, every organization needs some form of asset inventory management. This is universal but perhaps more acute with healthcare providers

Before you can manage your assets, you need to know what you have, what condition it is in, and how much longer

you expect it to last. Implementing a robust way of managing your asset inventory is a critical part of your organization’s accounting processes. It also helps to ensure that the organization has a clear understanding of the assets it owns and that said assets are being utilized in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Healthcare Sector

Did you know?

Managing inventory of medicines, bandages and other supplies is a critical administrative function for healthcare organizations. In a recent survey, nearly 60 percent of healthcare providers, both public and private, who responded to the survey, said they struggled with expired medications. Roughly 50 percent also said that hoarding of supplies was an issue.

Its's what we do

With the CrestPoint Asset Management System (CAMS) your organization is able to track both capital and non-capital goods effectively. With CAMS you....

Are Effective

Demonstrate effective and efficient use of investment and financial resources

Are Insightful

Increase your knowledge of your system, which will allow you to make better financial decisions

Reduce Down-time

Reduce system “down-time” and the number of emergency repairs due to proper planning of your assets

Are Proactive

Prioritize assets rehabilitation and replacement needs and providing time to research cost-effective alternatives

Why choose us?

The asset team at CrestPoint can help your organization or agency by:


Devise an airtight 

policies and procedures 

manual that’s made for your business’ fixed assets


Develop an inventory 

support system 

that’s made for 

your situation


Develop a storage plan 

that pairs well to your 

specific warehouse


Develop a smart and consistent auditing 

plan for the least expected scenarios


Find ways to automate

 your asset inventory


Facilitate automated maintenance scheduling for all assets